IDEXX-Sponsored Diagnostic Imaging Residency

Thank you for your interest in the sponsored residency position at University of Florida.

There are currently two sponsored positions at the University of Florida.

IDEXX is providing sponsorship but does not accept applications or select the residents.

Please visit the VIRMP website to see the current program information and details about applying.

Additional details regarding the Post-Residency obligation to IDEXX, not provided on the VIRMP website:

  • Recipients of the sponsorship will not be required to relocate to any specific location. 
  • Upon completion of these programs, one will have the opportunity to blend IDEXX Telemedicine with an academic role, if one is available, including providing hands-on services.
  • Acceptance of an academic appointment is not a requirement. 
  • If there’s an academic position available that allows a Part-Time role shared with IDEXX, then the institution would negotiate what that looks like, including benefits (if offered). Our intent is to make sure the individual is appropriately covered- either by IDEXX or the institution.
  • At this time, we do not have a list of which Institutions would be partnering with IDEXX. That information will most likely be determined in the final year of the residency.
  • If there is not an academic position available, then the obligation to IDEXX would be 100% Telemedicine but, that being said, many of our Radiologists are able to add clinical work into their balance.
  • The Employment Agreement to be drawn up for those completing a sponsored residency program will be similar to those created for Radiologists who have completed other residency programs, pertaining to salary, benefits, schedule options, vacation pay and CE allowance.
  • Radiologists who are employed are paid on production with a starting base as an advance on production of $150,000/year. Most of our full-time radiologists easily exceed their base within several months of employment.

For more detailed information about the contract as it applies to the residency, please contact:

 Authorized Administrative Official: Dr. Aitor Gallastegui

Contact Email Address:

Best of luck to you!