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CaseConnexx Community Collaboration #1

There’s no better way to learn than by collaborating with your peers.

In this new series, we will open CaseConnexx up for you to share your cases with the community and work together.

These cases were not interpreted by IDEXX Radiologists. All comments, suggestions, recommendations, findings and conclusions will be crowd sourced and not provided by IDEXX.

Thank you, Yujin E. Kim, D.V.M., Ph.D., for your suggestion and for the first case contribution.


Persisted diarrhea for several days and onset of hindlimb lameness a couple of days ago.

PE finding: Painful Rt hip joint, gas-filled intestinal loops, empty stomach.


Below you’ll see the information provided with this case:

Findings: lesser trochanter avulsion fracture

Likely cause : possible splay from the slippery floor or jumping

Treatment: Carprofen, laser therapy and a movement restriction

If you’d like to participate in this new project and send a case for peer collaboration, please send your anonymized images, patient signalment, and history to Angela-Skidmore@idexx.com. We will post the images and ask the community to comment and work on the case together.

Photo by Alvan Nee on Unsplash

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  1. Epiphyseal detachment of the right femoral head with mild rotation of the femur; presence of a mineralised fragment medially to the lesser trochanter. Possible lateral patellar luxation, but it can be positional considering the rotation of the right femur.
    Uniformly gas filled jejunum, possibly pain related.
    Lateral and VD views from the abdomen are recommended to rule out foreign body ingestion. Repeated hips and hind limb in GA are advised or advanced imaging (CT) are suggested to confirm the finding and to plan the surgery (femoral head osteotomy most likely).

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