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Over the past few months, the Veterinary community on CaseConnexx has grown closer as a result of shifting our focus, our workflow, physical work locations, and coming together online to make the best of an uncertain situation.

We’ve learned a lot about ourselves and discovered some truly phenomenal facts about each other.

This post is for you!

We’ve heard about your talents and we’d like you to share what brings you joy and happiness. Tell us about the creative outlet you dive into when you want to unwind, de-stress, relax and take your mind to another level.

In the comments below tell us about your talents.

Include your residency or internship location and then send us a few photos you’d like to share, along with information about the photo, to allow us to write a quick caption for your photo. We’ll update the post and let’s see share the amazing talents we possess above and beyond our veterinary passions!

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Look at This Talent

Hannah Turner

Banner photo by Brett Jordan on Unsplash

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  1. Hannah Turner, 3rd resident at Kansas State University
    I’ve always enjoyed making art, but I put aside pretty much all of my creative endeavors to get through college and vet school. Then during the end of my 2nd year as a resident, a lot of things came together at the right moment to push me back into making art. We had been cleaning out the student conference room and I found numerous volumes and editions of old veterinary textbooks that had basically been abandoned in there, the holidays were coming up and I needed to make Christmas gifts, I had a presentation on bronchiectasis coming up and I couldn’t find the right picture of bronchi, and I was feeling very very very very burned out. And so I started ripping up the textbooks 🙂 Making the collages makes my brain feel balanced again, and it brings me a lot of joy to make art for my friends. I also like to know that these old books now have a second life, plus reading the captions in the really old books is fascinating. Did you know that they used to do pneumoventriculograms? Not recommended of course….

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