2-year-old, FS, Domestic Shorthair, Feline

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Presented for limping and walking funny on hind end. Owners report developed a limp several months prior.Indoor only cat; has never been known to jump or fall from height. Patient not cooperative for orthopedic exam, but showed some pain on manipulation of stifles. On oral exam, multiple retained deciduous cheek teeth are present, and some teeth are slightly discolored (slightly pinkish).


Radiographic Findings:

•Transverse fractures of both patellae at the mid body

•Proximal displacement of the patellar bases bilaterally

•Sclerosis of both patellae with rounding of the fracture margins

•Remaining visible structures within normal limits

Patellar fracture and dental anomaly syndrome (PADS) or Knees and teeth syndrome (KaTS)

•Unknown cause, some suspicion of hereditary cause

•Common findings: persistent deciduous cheek teeth, teeth may be discolored (usually pink tinged), gingivitis, root resorption, atraumatic patellar fractures (often bilateral), occasionally fractures of the tibia, femur, pelvis, and humerus

•Some patients also have sinusitis +/- nasal discharge; maxillary and mandibular abnormalities also recently reported

•First reported in 2004, over 58 cases in literature now

•UK and North America

•Surgical management of the fractures often results in failure (86% in one retrospective report)

•Can Vet J 2011; 52:1319-1322

Journal of Feline Medicine and Surgery
Volume 21, Issue 8, 2019
Companion Animal
Volume 21, No. 11
Journal of Feline Medicine and Surgery
Published Online March 4, 2020

Photo by Andreia Oliveira on Unsplash

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