Adult, Male, Neutered, Domestic Shorthair, Feline

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History: An exploratory was done 11 days ago to remove segments of a silicone straw.  Enterotomy was needed.  The cat has not been eating well.



·Generalized loss of contrast throughout the abdominal cavity.

·Multiple small gas pockets within the abdomen, some of which appear extraluminal.

·Numerous intestinal segments that are distended with gas and heterogeneous content.

·Stomach is mildly distended with gas and fluid. ·Lumbosacral transitional malformation.


·The main consideration for the generalized loss of serosal contrast is peritonitis. Some decrease in serosal contrast can occur postoperatively however the extent of the decrease and the timing of surgery are not consistent with this being a normal postoperative appearance in this patient.

·There is also concern for a small amount of free peritoneal gas, potentially from gastrointestinal perforation.

·The distended intestinal segments are most likely due to a mechanical obstruction. This could be due to adhesions however intestinal strangulation or intraluminal nonmineral foreign material cannot be ruled out.

RECOMMENDATIONS: Exploratory laparotomy.

Photo by Erica Leong on Unsplash

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