6 Year-old, Female, Intact, Feline, Domestic Shorthair

History: Vomited several times yesterday; lethargic.


A round mineral opaque structure within the ventral aspect of the right caudal/middle abdomen with evidence of fetal bones and a fetal skull associated with this structure. 

The stomach is moderately gas and fluid distended and small intestinal segments contain fluid/gas and are intermittently enlarged with variable serosal undulation concerning for plication. 

Radiographic Diagnosis:

The mineral opaque structure within the ventral aspect of the right caudal/middle abdomen is consistent with a fetal mummy.  A retained dead fetus within the abdomen related to prior pregnancy is responsible for this appearance. 

The appearance of the stomach and small intestine is concerning for a linear gastrointestinal foreign body and is thought to be the primary cause of the patient’s clinical signs.

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  1. Findings:
    There is a right laterolateral and ventrodorsal projection of the abdominal cavity of a cat.
    The stomach is mildly distended with a gas opacity. There is a mildly dilated small intestine in mesogastrium containing a mixture of soft-tissue and gas opacities. Other small intestinal loops are mostly of fluid opacity. The large intestine is normal. A big mass of mineral and fat opacity in ventral mesogastrium. The remainder of the abdominal cavity and the surroundings are unremarkable.
    There is suspicion of mechanical obstruction of the small intestine. Very likely is a linear foreign body.
    The mass in ventral mesogastrium is composed of mineral and fat opacities and it could represent a fat necrosis/mineralization. It is an accidental finding.
    Laparotomy with enterotomy (foreign body).

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