3 year-old, Female, Spayed, German Shepherd

History: Partial weight bearing on left front leg.


Patchy increased medullary bone opacity in left and right radius and possibly in proximal left and right ulna.
Endplate lysis and irregular active periosteal proliferation involving multiple sternal segments.

Radiographic Diagnosis:
Aggressive bone lesions involving both antebrachia and multiple sternal segments.
Antebrachial lesions are consistent with canine panosteitis but sternal changes are not.
Could consider two diseases but all lesions collectively best explained by hematogenous infection.
Based on the breed of the patient, German shepherd, a systemic aspergillus infection a primary concern.

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  1. This is a very interesting case! Thanks for sharing. Here’s my impression:

    Thoracic limb radiographs
    – There is heterogeneous increased mineral opacity in the mid to proximal diaphyses of the left and right radii and ulnae
    – There is mild to moderate osteoproliferation of the sternebrae included in collimation. The cranial and caudal aspects of the sternebrae are irregularly marginated.

    – Polyostotic, non-aggressive, bilateral lesions of the radius and ulna. Consider panosteitis given the history of partial weight bearing lameness and bilateral distribution and breed of the patient. An alternative differential includes disseminated fungal disease.
    – Severe sternal degenerative changes or disseminated fungal osteomyelitis given the breed of the patient.

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