Telemedicine Focal Point: Irene Schaafsma DVM, MVR, Dipl. ECVDI

This series highlights members of IDEXX Telemedicine Consultants as they discuss their individual career paths, passions and provide words of wisdom for fellow Veterinary Radiologists planning their careers.

Role at IDEXX Telemedicine: Part time radiologist, employee

Vet School: Utrecht University, Netherlands

Residency: Utrecht University, Netherlands

Share a memory from your residency: Isabella the Great Dane …. accidentally peed in my shoes when being lifted onto the ultrasound table. All I could think of during the ultrasound was E. coli growing between my toes. Have never worn these shoes again. Isabella however did well and made a full recovery.

Additional Experience:  ECVDI exam committee 

Additional Education/Training: In addition to the figure skating diploma I got when I was 6 – Polytechnic qualification in Photography.

Why did you choose a career as a Veterinary Radiologist? It choose me. I worked as an assistant at the vet school imaging department for a few months and knew this would be my work ”home”.

Passions/interests: Bicycling, hiking, meditation, meeting up with friends, travelling.

Inspirational insights for new Radiologists entering the workforce: Great work-life balance. There Are radiologists on shift who will help you, you will Not be on your own.

What is your favorite thing about Veterinary Radiology? Cat Radiography …. just a fraction more than canine radiography, but I do not think I am supposed to confess this. And …. CT of course. 

What do you enjoy about your position with IDEXX? Good work-life balance, great radiologist and support team. Everyone’s opinion matters. Jokes between radiologists over Skype around 11 AM coffee time. 

What tips would you like to share with Radiologists interested in Telemedicine? Observe for yourself how it is done, ask a radiologist working in teleradiology to show you and do not believe all the ”whispers” going round.  

Tips on how to prepare for and then finally take boards: Discipline, Time, Keep going and Never give up. 

Are there telemedicine myths you’d like to bust? It is not all about numbers and interpretation speed.  

Share a memory of a life event and how it has shaped you today? Moving back to my home town ‘Alkmaar’ in 2017 after 10 years of working abroad has been the best decision ever.

Tell us what your perfect day looks like: A day spend without perception of time. A day that flows without a real start or ending.

Tell us about the animal companions in your life: Sietske is a Maine Coon ”lady” cat who rules my home and generally has her way. Boris is a British Blue cross with the sweetest nature ever.

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