Telemedicine Focal Point: John P. Graham MVB, MSc, MRCVS, DECVDI, DACVR

This series highlights members of IDEXX Telemedicine Consultants as they discuss their individual career paths, passions and provide words of wisdom for fellow Veterinary Radiologists planning their careers.


Role at IDEXX Telemedicine: Radiologist

Vet School:    University College Dublin, Ireland

Residency:   Dept of Clinical Radiology, Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, Uppsala, Sweden

Share a memory from your residency:    My colleagues decided a trip to an Irish bar in Stockholm was mandatory for an Irishman’s (my) birthday.  It must have been a good night, only got to work at lunch time the next day.

Additional Experience:   Visiting lecturer at Onderstepoort Vet School, RSA, faculty at U of Florida, specialty practice in FL

Why did you choose a career as a Veterinary Radiologist? I found the topic fascinating as a student and still do.  Inspired by my radiology teachers – Kevin Kealy and Hester McAllister

Passions/interests:  Cycling, snow shoeing, skiing, reading, food(cooking and eating), travel

Inspirational insights for new Radiologists entering the workforce:   Develop a good rapport with the non-radiology specialists you work with – they will be your best teachers and keep you honest

What is your favorite thing about Veterinary Radiology?  You just have to  wait and all the interesting cases show up

Do you have a favorite imaging modality and why?  I love thoracic radiology, still fascinating and often confounding.  Don’t think I will ever master it and certainly won’t see everything

What do you enjoy about your position with IDEXX?  I get to see “exotic” disease from all over the planet.  I like the time it gives me to enjoy the rest of life.

Tips on how to prepare for and then finally take boards:  Start early reviewing for written, it will take longer than you think.  Take time away from studying – an hour or two a day or occasional day or weekend – it’s a grind and you need down time to stay sane.

Do you have suggestions for those planning to work at home?   Create a quiet dedicated work space.  Take breaks – doing the laundry makes you more efficient!

Tell us what your perfect day looks like:     Breakfast with lots of coffee, freshly baked croissants and weekend edition newspaper.  Bike ride in the sun, not too hot.  Watch Leinster, my home team,  win convincingly in rugby.  Long, lazy dinner with family and friends.

Tell us about the animal companions in your life:  Have a tabby cat, Skabenga, he loves people and loves to be a lap cat, especially when it’s cold.  But he hates all other cats and gets into fights every chance he gets.

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