3 year old Castrated Male Ferret

History: The patient was presented for a 2-3 month history of hindlimb paraparesis and urinary incontinence. The patient is mostly housed in a vehicle with another ferret as the owners are truck drivers.
Neurologic Exam: Non-ambulatory paraparesis was present that was worse on the right. Weak motor function was present, but with decreased proprioception and placing. The cutaneous reflex was absent and there was possible discomfort in the mid lumbar region upon palpation. The patient was leaking urine during the exam but had normal anal tone. A T3-L3 myelopathy was diagnosed.

Questions for discussion after reviewing images:

What are differentials for the origin of the lesion?
What may have been helpful while obtaining radiographs to help better characterize the lesion?
What additional diagnostics are recommended?

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