Shih-tzu Mixed Breed Case

Species: Canine
Breed: Shih-tzu Mixed Breed
Age: 10 yrs
Gender: Female Spayed


Dorsal cranium: 8 mm, raised, open, cystic tumor


Click here for the IDEXX Pathology Report on this case.

Microscopic Description:

The specimen is characterized by a well demarcated and encapsulated proliferation of sebaceous glandular epithelium. These cells are proliferating as solid cords and lobules within the dermal connective tissues. Individual cells are characterized by abundant vacuolated cytoplasm and mildly pleomorphic euchromatic nuclei with small nucleoli. A mild reserve cell complement is present.

Microscopic Interpretation:

Interpretation:   Haired skin: Sebaceous adenoma with mild pleocellular inflammation

Excision: Completely Removed


Sebaceous gland adenomas are the most common epithelial skin tumors in the dog and are also seen occasionally in cats. They are most common in older animals and may involve the skin anywhere on the body. They are usually very well circumscribed and have a low potential for local recurrence after complete surgical excision.

Image Notes:

  1. Low magnification view of the lesion, demonstrating a pedunculated, well demarcated, non encapsulated, dermal mass.
  2. Higher magnification view of the lesion, demonstrating proliferative lobules of sebaceous glandular tissue.

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