Pomeranian Case

Species: CANINE
Breed: Pomeranian
Age: 8y


Gingival mass located on the gum line by the bottom right canine tooth presented a year ago. Owner has noticed a grown rapidly in the past few months.

Low magnification view of the lesion (10X), demonstrating proliferative epithelial component.

2X magnification view of the lesion, demonstrating overall appearance and epithelial component.

High magnification view of the lesion (40X), demonstrating tall enamel type epthelium.

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Microscopic Description:

The specimen is characterized by a poorly demarcated and nonencapsulated proliferation of atypical spindloid cells. These cells are proliferating as solid sheets, within the submucosal connective tissues, in a disorganized pattern. Focal areas of periodontal mesenchymal differentiation are noted. Individual cells are characterized by scant, amphophilic cytoplasm and ovoid to stellate, euchromatic nuclei with indistinct nucleoli. There is less than one mitotic figure per high power field. Regions of cementum and osteoid deposition are noted. Focal areas of myxomatous type degeneration are seen within the mass. Isolated islands of odontogenic epithelium are present.


Gingiva: Peripheral odontogenic fibroma, ossifying, extends to margins.


Extends to margins.


Peripheral odontogenic fibromas (fibromatous and ossifying epulides) are benign proliferations of gingival epithelium and stroma derived from remnants of the periodontal ligament. Benign oral epulides may contain variable amounts of bone or bone matrix. An epulis is termed ʺossifying epulisʺ when the bone matrix/bone predominates in the stromal core. Epulides of this type exhibit variable attachment to underlying bone, but they typically do not exhibit invasion of bone. Blade excision is nearly always curative; however, individual tumors may recur if incompletely excised.


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