Thank you for your interest in the IDEXX Veterinary Resident blog; we are glad you want to explore the site. We built this platform with several goals in mind. As the international leader in veterinary diagnostics, we set out to create the “go to place” for Veterinary Residents from all over the world to expand their knowledge base, share interesting cases for the benefit of our communities and to provide our outstanding team of over 200 Veterinary Specialists with an opportunity to engage with this vibrant community. Our hope is that as we collaborate, we improve veterinary medicine all over the world.

We have big plans for this blog – including live and recorded webinars with our Veterinary Specialists and more. At a minimum, we hope you enjoy seeing the breadth of cases that IDEXX specialists see regularly, and that the information here continues to feed your curiosity and excitement about veterinary diagnostics.

As you interact in our space we ask that you add to the collective knowledge, be professional, polite and respectful to other users. We are looking forward to you participating in this journey with us.


Jeremy Johnson DVM, PhD, DACVP
Director – North America Pathology

Constance E. DeHaan, DVM, MA, DipACVR
Medical Director, IDEXX Telemedicine Consultants

Kristen Hibbetts, DVM, DACVIM, DACVECC
Sr. Manager, Internal Medicine


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