Boxer Case 2

Species: CANINE
Breed: BOXER
Age: 7y
Gender: MALE

SOURCE/HISTORY: 2 cm raised smooth black dermal mass.


Click here for the IDEXX Pathology Report on this case.

Microscopic Description:

Tissue contains a raised, well-demarcated, expansive nodule that extends from the superficial dermis into the deep dermis. The nodule consists of variably sized, multifocal aggregates of cystic telogen hair follicles surrounded by variably sized sebaceous and apocrine gland lobules. Hair follicles are severely distended and contain large amounts of luminal aggregates of infundibular keratin. Thick, wide, concentric bands of normal adipocytes and collagen bands densely surround folliculosebaceous units and compress adjacent dermis. Normal tissue extends to section margins.

Microscopic Interpretation:

Fibroadnexal hamartoma, dermis,


Local excision complete. Lateral margins: 3.5 mm, 2.8 mm. Deep margin: 3.2 mm


Fibroadnexal hamartomas are common, non-neoplastic lesions that originate from adnexal appendages and surrounding supporting tissue. These lesions occur most often on legs or digits, but may occur anywhere throughout the body. Excision is considered locally curative.









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