News: IDEXX Named One of Forbes Magazine’s “Most Innovative Growth Companies”

In April, Forbes Magazine ranked IDEXX sixth on their list of ‘Most Trustworthy Companies in America.’ In July, we received a new badge of honor from Forbes—this time, as one of the world’s top ‘Most Innovative Growth Companies.’

IDEXX ranked an impressive #77 on the list, joining companies such as Procter & Gamble, athenahealth, Aspen Technologies, and Cephied. The recognition comes on the heels of IDEXX’s spectacular SediVue Dx Urine Sediment Analyzer launch this spring, featuring Pay Per Run—a strategy that’s changing the way practices approach billing solutions.

“This puts IDEXX in the top tier of innovative growth companies. It is a huge honor and a direct result of each person throughout IDEXX who contributes in our collaborative culture,” said Jeff Thomas, CVP of Research & Development and Chief Technology Officer. “Innovation is about bringing ideas together in new and useful ways for the benefit of our customers. Innovating with intelligence doesn’t happen by chance. It happens when smart, dedicated people come together with their ideas, and iterate in rapid fashion to come up with the best solutions. Congratulations to the teams that live this guiding principle each day—we have the world’s attention!”

What exactly is an innovative growth company—and what is the selection process? Forbes partnered with Jeff Dyer and Hal Gregersen, co-founders of The Innovator’s DNA, to compile the list. The team describes their selection method as “using the wisdom of the crowd.” To be considered, analysts assess the company’s current investments in innovation and consider future growth trends. The list includes mid-cap companies, with a market value of $2-10 billion, in industries that consistently invest in research and development. Click here to learn more about their methodology.

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