Boxer Case

Species:       CANINE
Breed:          Boxer
Age:              2Y
Gender:        FEMALE, SPAYED





Pea sized mass associated with epidermis of the right ear.

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The specimen is characterized by a poorly demarcated and nonencapsulated proliferation of atypical individualized round cells. These cells are proliferating as solid sheets and cords within the superficial and deep dermal connective tissues. Individual cells are characterized by moderate amphophilic cytoplasm and moderately pleomorphic euchromatic nuclei with small nucleoli. There are 4 mitotic figures per high power field. Mild lymphoid infiltrates are noted at the periphery of the lesion. There is pseudoepitheliomatous hyperplasia of the epithelium. Portions of the epithelium are ulcerated with marked serocellular crusting. Excision is complete. Margins are narrow, measuring less than 1 mm.


Haired skin: Cutaneous histiocytoma, completely removed (margins very narrow) with superficial ulceration and serocellular crusting               


Canine cutaneous histiocytomas are common benign skin tumors of dogs. They tend to occur in young dogs, most often under 3 years of age, though older animals can also be affected. Most commonly they are found on the pinnae, muzzle, extremities, and scrotum. Histiocytomas often grow rapidly and epidermal ulceration is common. Typically, they regress spontaneously; however most are removed due to their aggressive appearance. Recurrence is rare, as is malignant transformation. Complete surgical excision is typically curative.

Skin Diseases of the Dog and Cat: Clinical and Histopathologic Diagnosis, 2nd ed. pp 840-845. 2005.

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