Beagle case

Species:       CANINE
Breed:          BEAGLE
Age:              12Y
Gender:        MALE




Large upper eyelid mass noted June.

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The sections of the eyelid examined, there is a focally extensive, moderately demarcated exophytic mass composed of meibomian glands. Meibomian glands are characterized by  numerous basaloid cells bordering few foamy polygonal cells supported by a moderately abundant fibrous stroma. Mitoses are infrequent. Moderately abundant inflammatory cells surround and infiltrate the glands composed of macrophages and fewer neutrophils lymphocytes and plasma cells. Abundant normal tissue borders the mass.


Haired skin: Meibomian gland epithelioma, complete excision

Meibomian adenomas and epitheliomas are the most common ocular neoplasm of dogs, accounting for at least 70% of eyelid tumors. It is rare in cats. They are comparable to sebaceous adenomas found elsewhere in the skin. Like sebaceous adenomas, they are benign proliferations of oil producing glands. They can be pigmented or non-pigmented. Secondary inflammation can be seen if gland contents leak in the surrounding tissue.  Complete excision is curative. Behavioral malignancy for both Meibomian adenomas and Meibomian epitheliomas is exceedingly rare.

Reference: Jubb, Kennedy, and Palmerҳ Pathology of Domestic Animals. 2016: Vol1, pp 480-481.

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